We create a comprehensive, organized display of all the items available to us.  If we encounter itmes that appear to be of special sentimental value, or are potentially valuable items that were not previously discussed, we will consult with you pre-sale.
We will manage your sale from beginning to end.  We will advertise and promote your sale via print ads, email and website.  We have signs that are displayed to help direct people to the sale site.  Additional personnel will be provided to help monitor and conduct the sale.

ADVERTISING:  We advertise our Tag Sales in the American Classified paper.  We send out emails to approximately 2500+ customers,(and counting), post an ad on, post our ad on, as well as on our website.

CONDUCT OF SALE:  We will conduct your sale in a professional manner.  We have Two main objectives:  sell every item, and maximize your proceeds.  We have shelving and display cases available to help display your items.

PRICING:  We price your items according to fair market value. We thoroughly research and appropriately value your items.  We do our homework so you don't have to.  We believe you our client is best served by pricing items to sell, and selling as much of the merchandise entrusted to us as we can.

PAYMENT:  As forms of payment we accept Visa, Mastercard and Cash.  The ability to accept credit cards tend to help make the decisions easier on larger scale purchases.

AFTER THE SALE:  We consult with you, our client and remove goods according to your instructions.  You can choose to sell out at the end of the sale, or donate to your favorite charity.  We ensure the your homes interior is vacuumed and counters are wiped down.  We refer to the interior of your home as being "realtor ready".

We value our reputation for honesty, and operate with the highest standards.  Let us give you a stress free way to liquidate items that you no longer need.  Our exceptional customer service combined with our attention to detail make Carole's Estates the best choice for you.